Offre d'emploi : Recrutement d'un enseignant EMiLA / EMiLA Fellowship

26 mars 2019


The European Master in Landscape Architecture’s Fellowship from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage.

Aims :

The EMiLA fellowhip is intended to reinforce the partnership of our EMiLA partners but also open our collaboration to other EU or International candidates. The aim is to increase recognition and foster emerging design educators whose work embodies the potentials for landscape as a medium of design. The other objective is to start merging research topics in the field of landscape that could foster our institutions to work on together.

 Agenda : 

The candidate will take part in the EMiLA summer school and/or give a lecture in some of the EMiLA partner schools. During the autumn semester, the candidate will run a studio at Master level on urban anticipatory topics. This can be on parks contributing to more sustainable cities. During the second semester, the candidate can take part in our Post-Master degree and be involved in teachings and workshops. The Post-Master’s program is a professional degree in landscape architecture research oriented. Applicants are international or locals, some of them join in just after their Master degree others can be candidates having been in practice since long. Due to changes in the pedagogic programme or if the candidate is researching on a specific landscape topic, changes and adaptation to the teaching offer can be provided.

The EMiLA fellow will be appointed :

- Lecturer in Landscape Architecture at ENSP on the site of Versailles for the academic year 2019-2020.

- It is a part time position. The position can be negotiated to be a full-time position during a semester

- we offer a residence at the Potager du Roi.

- The candidate is expected to be in residence from September 9th, 2019 through June 2020, or if half time from September 9th, 2019 to January 30rd, 2020. The candidate taking part in the EMiLA summer school should be free from 23rd of August to 30th of August and join the team in one of the EMiLA schools/universities. In 2019, the Summer school is run by LUH Hannover

- The candidate receives a French salary: depending on the candidate’s curriculum this can vary from an annual salary of 10 800€ to 15 000€. Eligibility: Landscape architects and designers from a range of allied design professions who can demonstrate a significant engagement with landscape as a medium of design are invited to apply. Candidates can come from EMiLA partner schools or from other EU or international schools/universities or from practice. Candidates from practice should show links with teaching.

Deadline to Apply: 30th of May 2019


Information :
Head of school: Dr. Vincent Piveteau:
EMiLA curriculum: Karin Helms
Other questions related to the school: / Géraldine Lecanuet: +33 139246266