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Article Landscape Architecture Journal (Chine) "Energy landscapes Plans"

La Chaire Paysage et Énergie a publié son premier article dans la revue chinoise Landscape Architecture, édition spéciale de novembre 2016. "Energy landscape plans" présente le projet de paysage comme un levier de la transition énergétique, en retraçant les expérimentations menées dans le cadre de la chaire.


In France, the Energy transition for the green growth law, voted in 2015, heralds a plan for the post-oil era and a step towards a new French energy model. One of the actions already taken is the creation of "positive-energy regions for green growth" (TEPCV, concerning 212 micro-regions), launched by the Ministry of Environment and Energy. The same Ministry is on the other hand developing "Landscape Plans" (concerning 50 micro-regions), which encourage regions to engage in sustainable development through landscape planning and projects. Connections between both of these policy instruments are yet still inexistent.  But the Landscape Architecture and Energy Chair of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paysage of Versailles bet the opposite. Actually, it could bring to the same goal at least: harmonizing cultural, ecological, economic and social fields for a better living. The studios driven at school on the subject stretch the reflection for energy professional stakeholders, regional representatives and landscapes architects. Based on studios in different regions (Aquitaine region, Bourgogne region, North), young landscape architects demonstrate that succeeding in the energy transition relies not only on a technologic plan but also on an integrating concept, linking social transition and spatial planning.


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